Auszug aus den FEIF-Rules S 2.3.1 - Vorrunden mit 1 Reiter in der Bahn

Weil es immer wieder nicht richtig gemacht wird:


The horse must enter the oval track and proceed directly to either one of the short sides. However, the horse must not pass beyond the end of the short side without beginning the test. Possibilities of entering and beginning the test with the entrance on the long or on the short side are shown on the drawing in S14.3.


The rider must salute the judges visibly by nodding his head, thus indicating the beginning of the test. The change between the sections should be at the middle of the short side. An exception is in pace, which is shown only on the long sides. To have marks for any gait, the gait should be shown on at least one of the long sides, except for walk, which should be shown for at least one half long side.


Having finished the last section of the test, the rider must have brought his horse back to walk by the middle of the long side at the latest. Exit via the oval track.


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